• Diane Court

    Diane Court

    Voraciously curious mindmapper, Experiential explorer, message crafter, coach. Connecting passion with purpose #Neowarestudios #WomenofDartmouth76

  • Eva Sofianos

    Eva Sofianos

  • Emma Gold

    Emma Gold

    Reviews, Buying Guides and Tips of Kitchen Products — Kitchen Expert

  • Marc McDonald

    Marc McDonald

  • Chantal Rayner-Burt

    Chantal Rayner-Burt

  • David Drake

    David Drake

  • Hendrix Tavarez

    Hendrix Tavarez

    I help people, communities and organizations learn new technologies to be more competitive. Technical Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor, Technology Advisor, Googl

  • Alec Tavarez

    Alec Tavarez

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