We’ve all had that moment where we came up with the next revolutionary invention while daydreaming in the shower. Maybe after a drink or two (or three) with a group of friends, someone says something completely random that sends you on a long ideation session. The world has no shortage of ideas. Some people, like Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph, go as far to claim that there is no such thing as a good idea. “What you need to do is immediately collide your ideas with reality…hundreds if not thousands of times.”

Further, Randolph notes that the key to success isn’t…

For those following along with our recipe to success, you are in the process of turning your passion into a sustainable food business. It’s a product or service that you have extensive knowledge of and it allows you to best use your skills. However, if you really want to bear the fruits of your labor, it is critical that you know what market you are in and where exactly you fit.

The most obvious questions are necessary if you really want to create a profitable food business. Who are your closest competitors and how do you compare? Who are your…

There has never been a time in our lives where turning your passion into your profession was so achievable. Whitney Wolfe Herd, the Founder/CEO that turned Bumble into a billion dollar company, went as far as to claim that “you can monetize anything.”

Not only can you monetize your passion, there are companies designed to help you do it. Endless tools and resources allow you to create an international brand without leaving your home. Companies like Shopify make the entrepreneurial lifestyle much more approachable. Amazon allows you to reach customers anywhere in the world. …

Dramatic changes bring a variety of new opportunities. Emerging trends, such as ghost kitchens, have gotten strong media attention as of late. A rising demand for prepared meals has opened the door for culinary professionals to transform their catering experience into a thriving meal prep business.

As these markets continue to grow, so does opportunity for seasoned culinary professionals in search of a fresh start. While there is certainly quality talent out there, getting started is not an easy thing to do for a first-timer.

Regulatory compliance, liability insurance, financial overhead, vendor accounts, branding, marketing…all fundamental aspects of a sustainable…

Let’s skip the fluff and avoid a bunch of “new normal” and “COVID changed everything” cliches. It’s clear as day, especially when it comes to service industries like food and beverage, events, or hospitality. There’s a more pressing discussion that we should be having.

Where do we go from here?

The needs are pretty clear. To stay viable going forward, kitchen operators need new and sustainable ways to generate revenue. Out of work culinary professionals need more opportunities with low barriers of entry. Individually, we are looking at two substantial challenges. …

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